About Woodinville

About Woodinville

Woodinville began as a logging community in the late 19th century, then embraced agriculture in the early decades of the 20th century. Incorporated as a city in 1993, the Woodinville Heritage Society serves as custodians of the heritage and history and visitors can learn more about our town’s history with a visit to the Woodinville Heritage Museum.

Woodinville is approximately 17 miles northeast downtown Seattle; 30 minutes from the Seattle (Sea-Tac) International Airport; 25 minutes from the Port of Seattle; and 15 minutes north of Bellevue on Interstate 405.

Woodinville’s Climate

Spring: 43-59 degrees
Summer: 55-75 degrees
Fall: 49-60 degrees
Winter: 38-46 degrees
Average annual precipitation 35 inches

Woodinville’s Demographic Profile

Population 10,938
City Limits 5.65 square miles
Land area 10.85 square miles
Density 847 people per square mile (estimated)
Households 3,512 (estimated)
Population (within 98072 zip code) 37,923
Households (within 98072 zip code) 12,721
Average household size (within 98072 zip code) 2.61

2000 Age Distribution (within 98072 zip code)
Median Age 35.7 years
Under 19: 28.9%
20-24 5.8%
25-44 32.6%
45-59 21.1%
60 and over 11.6%

Population by Education
0-12 years high school 27.25%
1-3 years college 36.16%
4+ years college 36.60%
Median years of school 14.9%

Woodinville Connections

Woodinville Police Department:
Emergency 911
Business Line 425-489-2700
Non-emergency 206-296-3311

Woodinville Fire & Rescue:

Poison Control (Washington Poison Center):


UW Medicine Urgent Care:

City of Woodinville:

Woodinville Post Office:

Northshore School District:

Woodinville Cemetery Board:

Northshore Senior Center:

Crisis Clinic, Teen Link Youth Resources:
206-461-3222, 866-833-6546

Crisis Line (24 hours daily):


Financial Aid Guide for Military Servicemembers

Social Security Resource Center

Educational Resource for Servicemembers

Visitors to Woodinville

We invite visitors to Woodinville to plan their visit at visitwoodinville.org where there’s always someone or something brewing, blossoming, baking, or pouring, and Visit Woodinville introduces you to all of it. Start your experience there and take it wherever your taste leads: sipping, dining, riding, relaxing—your perfect blend.



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