Downtown Illustrative Guide and Community Survey: City Needs your Feedback

 WOODINVILLE, WA. – Over the last year, the Woodinville City Council formed two subcommittees to drive design guidelines to realize their vision for downtown Woodinville. One subcommittee focused on the design aesthetics of buildings and the other focused on how to create the desired atmosphere at street level.

The two subcommittees merged their ideas into one cohesive illustrative guide, which is intended to illustrate the desired environment of downtown Woodinville. The guide, which will officially be reviewed by the City Council in the coming months, can be found on the city’s website.

Before the Guide is reviewed by the City Council, the city is interested in hearing from the public to weigh in on the concepts and ideas depicted in the illustrative guide. The survey for the public to provide feedback can be found online by clicking NEXT.

Public feedback regarding the illustrative guide will be collected March 1st through April 16th and the survey results and Illustrative Guide will be first presented to the planning commission at their regular meeting on April 18th. The City Council will then receive a presentation regarding the survey results, Illustrative Guide and planning commission feedback in May.

For questions about either the Illustrative Guide or community survey, please contact Development Services Director Dave Kuhl either by email: or by phone: 425-877-2271.

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