February Student of the Month Eliza Sandoval

The Woodinville Chamber is pleased to honor our our February student of the month sponsored by Rotary Club of Woodinville. This month’s student is Eliza Sandoval a student of Cascadia College. The award presentation took place during the Chamber’s luncheon at Molten Works.

As the Programming Chair of the Cascadia Events & Advocacy Board, Eliza plays an integral role. She is responsible for supporting her teammates as they plan events, guiding her teammates, and holding them accountable; she is the glue that holds her team together. She is a strong, confident leader who leads by example and consistently models the way for her peers. She understands the importance of being supportive, encouraging and honest with feedback, and she has worked hard to build trust with her team. This quarter, Eliza has had to step in as the “day of event coordinator” for two large scale events, because the primary event coordinators were in class during event set up. Letting someone else step in and be the “day of event coordinator” takes a tremendous amount of trust for the event coordinator and both of them handed their events over to Eliza with confidence. Her teammates trust her skills and ability to step in and direct events on their behalf, because they know she will treat their event as if it is her own – and she did, twice. This quarter, Eliza has shown a lot of growth with how she leads her teammates and she has really stepped into her role as the chair. I have no doubt that the success her team is experiencing right now is due to her ability to lead them and push them to be better teammates and event coordinators.

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