February 2022 Student of the Month

The Woodinville Chamber is pleased to honor our February 2022 student of the month, Emma Mann, a senior at Woodinville High School. We are pleased to have the opportunity to present her with a custom plaque, courtesy of Northwest Trophy & Award.

Emma serves as our Associated Student Body president, is a gymnast, and has earned a 4.0 GPA while pursuing a rigorous course of study that includes Advanced Placement classes.  With positivity and optimism, Emma leads her peers building our school culture and Falcon spirit while exhibiting excellence throughout our “5A’s: Academics, Activities, the Arts, Athletics, and Advanced Placement, all while embracing our motto of “One Falcon, One Family”.  With an ever-present smile, Emma reaches out and connects with students to help everyone gain a sense of belonging.

Examples of Emma’s excellence in the classroom was expressed by her art teacher, Matt Fry, who shared, “Emma has been a remarkable and shining creative talent in the WHS Art Department. Emma’s creative abilities as a masterful painter are only matched by her enduring love of nature and passion for the scenic Pacific Northwest which she brings to life in her stunning artwork. As an AP Art student, Emma inspires us all with her warm-even demeanor, endless love of craftsmanship and commitment to sharing in the creative journey with her fellow peers.”

Within WHS athletics, Emma’s gymnastics coach, Kathie Koch, shared, “Emma has been a member of the WHS Gymnastics Team for 4 years and has been a team captain for the last two years.  Emma is a strong and compassionate leader.  She works hard to create an inclusive environment for our Gymnastics Team.  She is a friend to all and is a constant source of encouragement.  Emma is a trustworthy teammate who is always ready to work hard and give her all to her team.”

Additionally, within WHS activities, ASB Director Kurt Melton shared, “Emma Mann has meant the world to Woodinville High School. She serves as our Student Body President with one very clear, but basic understanding. Building relationships comes before anything can be accomplished. Emma works very hard, every day, to build strong relationships with, administrators, staff, custodians, teachers, and her peers. She is not only respected and loved by her teammates, but most importantly, trusted by them. I personally can’t think of a better person to lead us through the uncertainty these last few years have bestowed upon us other than Emma.”

Finally, we have much to be thankful for with Emma leading the way.  She contributes with heart, cares about all her fellow students, and truly wants to make a difference.  Thank you, Emma for being such a wonderful role model for other students and inspiring all of us during this time of challenge with new possibilities. Please join me in congratulating Emma Mann.



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