Good Deeds in our Woodinville Community

Woodinville’s a very special place, as all of us who live, work and play in the greater-Woodinville area know instinctively. When mother nature decides to throw a multi-day snow party, we learn just how resilient and compassionate Woodinville, the people and the businesses of Woodinville are, through their acts and deeds.

Examples which I have observed, throughout #snowmageddon2019.

Northshore School District – #NorthshoreEats

We have seen the Northshore School District (NSD) have multiple days of closure. Rightfully so, as safety of both students, teachers and employees is always first. Superintendent Reid, no doubt swallowed hard when she issued the order to close the schools, knowing the impact it would have on families who now have their children (students) at home and not in school. In some locales, that would have been the sum and substance of the school district’s interaction – school closure notification by no-later-than 5:30am and begin the assessment for the next day’s situation. That was not the case with NSD.

No, the school district, well-tuned to their community, understood “that some families will have limited or no access to a meal.” And they took the step of creating #NorthshoreEats, making available meals at a designated school cafeteria or to be delivered to homes.

When it became known, the Northshore Schools Foundation, led by Carmin Dalziel, stepped in and reached out to the community. The result? Many Chamber members stepped up and donated their time, expertise, and food to assist the NSD in their #NorthshoreEats initiative.  Some of the Chamber members which were highlighted include, Alexa’s Cafe, Chick-fil-A at Bothell Canyon Park, Village Wines-Woodinville, Heritage Restaurant and Bar and The Pizza Coop & Ale House.

#NorthshoreEats was active on 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 February.

We thank you all.

City of Woodinville

The City of Woodinville provided an example of what making a difference is all about. The City Manager, Brandon Buchanan, and his staff are to be congratulated and thanked for their acts of kindness, compassion, and indefatigable work ethic.

As the snow began to fall on Woodinville, Buchanan, realizing that Camp Unity occupants would be affected in a far more serious way than others within the city limits, opened up the Carol Edwards Center to provide shelter and warmth for those within Camp Unity.  Deputy Mayor Elaine Cook highlighted Buchanan’s display of leadership. He did what was both necessary and right.  And he wasn’t done.


Woodinville Chamber - Camp Unity

Over the course of the following days, the snow continued to accumulate and the City’s public works crew, following the long-established snow removal priority plan jumped into action. They plowed, sanded, de-iced and worked long hours. What some eagle-eyed citizens of Woodinville noticed, is that Buchanan wasn’t watching from afar as the employees did the needful, he himself was up in the cab of the truck, riding along with his employees.

True leadership, being displayed. We all are beneficiaries when compassion and leadership mesh.

Businesses helping Businesses

Then we all witnessed the many occasions where businesses were helping businesses. Working together, helping their neighbor cope, as all took a severe financial hit while large swaths of the community was focused on digging out of the snow or waiting for their power to return. One example of this was demonstrated by the retailers of Redwood Plaza in the Hollywood District of Woodinville joined as one. Again, some members of the Chamber, some not, but all part of the Woodinville fabric, displayed their compassion for one and other, sharing tools, ice melt (which could have been sold for a mortgage payment) and sweat as they collectively toiled to make sure that all of their neighbors could welcome their customers.

This #DoingGood was started by a Woodinville community member (to be left unnamed) – thank you to him! The job was completed by Tom Quigley of the Sammamish Valley Grange, who brought his tractor up and helped to finish clearing the lot at Redwood Plaza, but also cleared the lot at the Woodinville Visitor Center (and offices of the Woodinville Chamber and Woodinville Wine Country).

We thank the businesses of Redwood Plaza for demonstrating by act and deed, what compassionate business collaboration looks like, and Tom for his plowing expertise and generous donation of his time and equipment.

Yes, Woodinville is a special place. What makes it special are the people and their businesses. So, as you go out and about, remember to #ThinkLocal and share a kind word as we all strive to get our lives and routines back to normal as #snowmageddon2019 melts away.

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