Green City Index | Woodinville

Green living is becoming an ever-trendy subject and for good reason Рtoo many people are living in areas with very little green coverage or distant access to such areas, especially in cities. Woodinville is not of those cities, fortunately.


As seen in the latest in-depth analysis from Interiorbeat on the Green City Index entailing over 500 biggest US cities, Woodinville has a dominant green coverage of 78%, growth of 4% in the last 10 years, which makes it one of the most sustainable cities in the United States.

The index data shows that of almost 13.000 people living in the mapped area, 67% are living within 1000 ft of the green area of over 0.5 hectares (based on WHO’s green living recommendations). Given this insight, it’s safe to conclude that citizens of Woodinville can expect a very healthy and sustainable way of living looking in the future.


It seems that nowadays all cities are going all-in with the sustainable way of living, reducing waste and energy consumption, while adding to the overall climate improvement and air quality. Industries are shifting their approach, and businesses opening their ears to consumers that expect more environmentally friendlier products and global impacts. It makes sense, as we’re seeing more and more similar reports highlighting the change of perspective towards nature in millennials and younger generations.


With that in mind, Woodinville surely is and will remain a city of building a better future with a sustainable way of living.

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