January 2022 Student of the Month

The Woodinville Chamber is pleased to honor our January 2022 student of the month, Mya Hariri, a junior at Woodinville High School. We are pleased to have the opportunity to present her with a custom plaque, courtesy of Northwest Trophy & Award.

Mya Hariri is currently on the ASB Executive Board serving the role of the ASB Activities Promoter. She has been instrumental in leading teams to build up her school’s culture and to celebrate student accomplishments. This last week she led the ASB, BSU and AAPI teams in producing the MLK assembly, sharing her heartfelt story and experiences. She exemplifies Woodinville’s moto of “One Falcon, One Family”.

Mya is always the first one to step up and lead in the most difficult times. Her work this year has been impressive as always, but the passion and commitment she showed while designing, directing and publishing the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assembly was incredible. Upon viewing the MLK assembly, a teacher watching the assembly said, “Gives me so much hope.” It is true, Mya’s work does just that, it gives hope to many people.

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