America Medic & Science, LLC

America Medic & Science AMS® is an American nutraceutical company headquartered in Woodinville, Washington which manufactures and distributes natural products and dietary supplements. Led by a management team with over 3 decades of experience in Health products, America Medic & Science AMS® has become a leader in its industry. That, along with a dedication to producing high quality products & providing cutting-edge innovation, has allowed America Medic & Science AMS® to rapidly expand its scope of business across all major continents and partner with the global top players in the industry to deliver its products to customers. A member of the Natural Products Association (NPA), America Medic & Science AMS® is constantly seeking quality certifications by independent organizations to guarantee that it is delivering on its commitment to safety and premium quality.


Joanna Tell, Executive Assistant/Quality Assurance

(425) 558-5811

8321 219th Street SE
Woodinville, Washington 98072




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