Katharina E Photography

To me, photography is about being able to capture of a single moment in time that is never coming back. My passion for photography was piqued six years ago when my older daughter, Sarah, was born. As a mother, I became obsessed with savoring every instant with my daughters. Childhood goes by so fast—I wanted a way to stop time. So, I recorded the precious moments: my children discovering the world, growing up, and simply having fun. Through the art of photography, I now endeavor to bring the same joy I find in viewing my own family photos to other families.

I am from Brazil, and I grew up in a big, noisy, and loving family that I very much miss! I believe that’s why in my work I aim to capture the love and connection unique to each family I photograph. My goal is to give you an unforgettable experience that you can remember for a lifetime!

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