NFIB|National Federation of Independent Business

NFIB is fighting to protect your business and your American Dream.

NFIB is the largest most influential business organization in the United States. Fortune Magazine's Power 25 ranks NFIB #2 in the country for most influence and political clout behind only the AARP. Since 1943, the non-profit NFIB has been fighting to protect the future for small business and to level the playing field with Big Government, Big Business and Big Labor. 

In Washington state we stopped 40 hour paid sick leave, killed attempts to silence questions about criminal history, secured protections for independent contractors, preserved rights to recover attorney fees, slowed the minimum wage increase, and we are on the B&O task force to streamline and adjust these cumbersome and unfair taxes.  We are testifying for Right to Work legislation, salary history information, against paid family leave payroll taxes, against expanding the high-risk health pool and for a small business Bill of Rights.

Nationally we got an injunction to halt the Department of Labor from implementing the mandatory overtime rule.  We were the only business organization to successfully challenge the Affordable Care Act in NFIB vs. Sebelius at the Supreme Court.  We helped get section 179 of the tax code made permanent and indexed to inflation.  

We continue to fight for regulatory and tax relief that will help you grow and prosper as the backbone of the American economy. 

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