Pompeii Wood Fired Pizza

Delicious & Authentic Italian style pizza in Seattle.

When it comes to the perfect pizza, wood fired is the only way to go. For us, the pizza-perfecting journey started over 7 years ago with a trip to Naples, Italy, out of which grew a desire to introduce everyone to Neapolitan wood fired pizza. Our authentic pizzas are crafted with devotion to traditional flavors and cooked over burning apple wood in a gleaming hot oven in celebration of the old ways of communal cooking.

We may not be able to gather you around the community oven, but when we create authentic Italian stye pizza for your special event, we aren’t just making food, we’re making history, keeping thousand of years of tradition alive in every tasty bite.


Dawnelle Dutcher,

(206) 484-1841

PO Box 2992
Woodinville, Washington 98072




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