Se•lyn Boutique & Crystal Shoppe

Se•lyn Boutique is a retail store in Bothell on Main Street. Here we sell specialty crystals, rocks, and minerals, as well as designer jewelry and clothing. This business stems from our Holistic Health Practice called 3 Petals Healing, where our practitioner Lauren Dillon-Merrill does Esoteric Healing, Crystal Healing, and has a John of God crystal healing table. Se•lyn will share all of the same goals and ideologies as 3 Petals Healing; we strive to educate the public about healthy energetics, crystals, and over-all wellness. Another goal of Se•lyn boutique is to provide a very light and happy retail environment where people of all ages can come shop, learn, and have a lovely experience in Bothell on Main Street!




10124 Main Street
Bothell, WA 98011




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