Zeeks Pizza Woodinville

I fell in love with the Northwest. As a California transplant, I wanted nothing more growing up than to experience the type of culture Seattle and the great Northwest had to offer. When I first stepped off of the plane into the crisp air, I took in and savored the smells of Seattle. Have you noticed that on clear crisp day downtown, while you’re walking by a great restaurant, you can almost taste the food in the air? Zeeks Pizza did that for me.
Down in So Cal, I obtained my culinary degree, but never did anything with it. I stayed in the realm of white collar lemmings, clocking in my 60 some odd hours per week, dreaming of when I could do something that made people happy every day, to make me happy every day. I wanted a sense of community, a sense of comradery that comes with owning a local business. Then I met the guys from Zeeks. Enough said, game changer, my kind of people. A friendship formed, a business started and here we are today. Now it’s time to ride the wave.
I could not be more stoked to join this journey with Zeeks Pizza, creating awesome food and offering the best in local spirits, wine and beer. Better yet, I get to own one of those restaurants that on a clear crisp day, you can ...


Monica Pavelka, General Manager

(425) 375-3923

17255 135th Ave NE
Suite 1060
Woodinville, Washington 98072



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