Woodinville Strong

#WoodvinvilleStrong T-Shirt Program

In partnership with local business, Logo Unlimited, your Woodinville Chamber is launching an opportunity to show your support for our community AND raise much needed funds for YOUR local business.

The program is simple:
1. Contact Logo Unlimited at (425) 896-8412, provide them with your business logo and they will set up a webstore, specific to your business.

2. Next, your business can reach out to friends & fans who would like to purchase these Woodinville Strong t-shirts. Your business logo will be included on the back of each t-shirt sold through your custom webstore. Promotion is simple within your own social media network and e-newsletter program.

Logo Unlimited will fulfill the orders and pay your business $10 per each shirt sold.

Woodinville Strong T-shirt Program


Woodinville Strong
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